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Sleep well at night with the knowledge your chain is stronger, and your insurance company is happy with your high grade Certified Anchor Chain



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Lifetimes in the marine industry give us the background and knowledge to work with you in reaching the best possible solution for your craft.

Our History

The Marine Industry was missing a high quality, high strength, International standard Marine Grade Anchor Chain.

Even with it’s unique requirements, the marine industry has been supplied with Grade L (Grade 30) chain by lifting companies for many years, which it accepted. Whilst it had sufficed, in reality, it is a lower grade lifting chain. With their extensive experience and understanding of the crucial nature of Anchor Chain, Ozzi recognised that the world outside Australia was accessing Grade 40-45 and by introducing OMC G43 - proper Marine Grade Galvanised Anchor Chain, they have introduced a far superior chain offering to the Australian market. OMC G43 has a much thicker galvanised coating and is almost 50% stronger. When selecting anchor and boating chains, peace of mind is essential.

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