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NATA Australia

Ozzi Marine uses only NATA accredited facilities for testing their OMC G43 Anchor Chain.

NATA Australia is a leading accreditation authority that offers a range of services to businesses, government agencies, and individuals. Here are some reasons why you might choose NATA Australia:


NATA Australia is recognized both nationally and internationally for its accreditation services. Its accreditation programs cover a wide range of industries, including laboratory testing, calibration, inspection, and certification.

Quality assurance:

NATA Australia's accreditation programs provide assurance that the services provided by its accredited organizations meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. This can help businesses to improve their processes and products, and to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Technical expertise:

NATA Australia has a team of highly skilled and experienced technical assessors who are experts in their respective fields. They provide guidance and support to organizations seeking accreditation, and ensure that the accreditation process is rigorous and fair.


NATA Australia has a strong reputation for excellence in accreditation and quality assurance. Its accreditation programs are recognized by government agencies, industry bodies, and other stakeholders, both in Australia and internationally.

Continuous improvement:

NATA Australia is committed to continuous improvement, and regularly reviews and updates its accreditation programs to ensure they remain relevant and effective. This ensures that businesses and individuals can rely on NATA Australia's services to meet their evolving needs.

By choosing NATA Australia accredited facilities, Ozzi Marine provides assurance of quality and reliability, technical expertise, and recognition in the Marine Industry.

Superior Protection

Ozzi OMC G43 Marine Anchor Chain has been produced specifically for the marine industry. With almost 50% greater strength than most anchor chain, it provides superior protection and peace of mind.